• Dorin Stefan

     Outside there is a crisis, the IMF chief "was" resigned, Romania is in free fall, the factories were closed, there is a subsistence agriculture. Alexandru produces stool-chairs and I hope (I really do) he would fill in the void from outside. Alexandru's stool-chair is more than a gesture, it is a wish turned in a necessary.

  • "How these chairs should be called?"

    Maximilian Ciortan: "I don't know, I don't know... I don't know... should I use my imagination??? should I...? should it be...? I don't know, sir. I would compare them by shape, at least the top, with a chair from the Table of Silence.

  • Mircea Suciu

    I am not a gambling man and in all honesty I never would have bet that an iron pipe with a round wooden plank on top could inflame the creativity of first-rate artists


About me, a Very Important Chair

I am from 2007, from Sibiu (Simerom) and I would like to tell you my story. I spent some time in a dark warehouse, populated by metal giants for which J. Tingelly would have probably made a passion. I will never forget the day when someone came to me, gazed and examined me carefully. Shortly after that I saw the light, i could hear the world, I was saved. more about the chair

The Creators

About Us

We often like to complicate what is simple in essence. Let's bring up countless references to philosophers, poets, fine artists, composers, from Marcel Duchamp to Nick Cave. After all V.I.C (Very Important Chair) is a simple item, a plain sculpture and it may seem illogical to complicate its existence too much.more about the project

The chairs were made by various employees, who needed them and they made them more ore less aesthetic. I remember that the chairs were also adjustable screw, which you could adjust height, so-and-so. We used to hide them after the closet, at the table we laid them over and we just stood there... at-at the table. We thought that in a big factory it is mandatory to be a decent cafetaria. It is true the fact that from '82-'83 a cafeteria has been made where bachelors, (various...), executives and technical staff had their meal at ten a.m. They brought you food from elsewhere, there where so-and-so conditions. There were also people who brought their food from home and those, willy-nilly, had to use that chair. They had to use it, because another solution was not."Maximilian Ciortan (one of the 2200 workers fired)