Social action

The chairs created in hard times are part of <> that allowed these people to be dignified.

Simerom was closed in 2009 on documents, but in fact it did not work anymore from 2006 and 2200 workers were sacked on ambiguous reasons. The chairs created in hard times are part of <<the secret gardens>> that allowed these people to be dignified.
As a tribute to these workers, a part of the benefit will be donated to the association in Sibiu.

Bratu Radu Vasile teacher, Deputy-director at Rosia School with classes I-VIII:
First of all I would like to confess that I feel extremely honored by your intention to support the activity of our institution and to take us as partner in the “Very Important Chair” project. I hope that the collaboration with our institution would be beneficial in the development of the project.
Rosia school with classes I-VIII is one of the largest schools in the rural areas of the county of Sibiu. It is in charge of a total of 940 pupils, coordinated by 65 teachers.  The school is divided in 6 school structures: Cornăţal, Caşolţ, Daia, Roşia-Waldorf, Nou and Roşia. You can find out more about our activities, including pictures or films by visiting the school’s website at

 I would like to highlight a few of the projects we are running at the moment.

“Every child in kindergarten” in partnership with “OvidiuRom Association”  whereby a number of 74 children receive monthly  assistance worth U.S. $ 50 to attend kindergarten.

"Nucet Youth Center" in partnership with the "European Association Rumanien Thalheim" which rehabilitates the former school building in Nucet in order to turn it into a youth center.

"Archaeological site from Casolt" in collaboration with Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu in which students are in archeological practice in Casolt village together with our pupils.

You can also see our completed projects on the school website.

In terms of support targeting, I think it would be appropriate to support the Youth Center from  Nucet for it has also got a cultural value, the building being old and on the verge of collapse, at the beginning of the project

Definitely, it is only a suggestion and it can be adjusted according to your requirements.

The project V.I.C. words not only convey the idea of freedom and dignity, but it must also allow to introduce young minds to the fine arts through the intermediary of workshop funded by the profits received from the sale of V.I.C’s sculpture

Alexandru Noe Popovici