The architect

Which probably determines a lot of the present events, is finding a plastic bag full with hundreds of little Lego...

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My origins

I was born in Paris in 1979 from Romanian parents who sought political asylum in France in the 70s. My mother tongue is Romanian, it’s very dear to me and I love it immensely.

When I was four I used to love to fish for crayfish using sewing thread in the St Martin’s Canal in the 10th Arrondissment, to make manhunts in Buttes Chaumont park and to play the death game (on our roller skates we would rush towards mattresses propped up against a gable wall, in Louis Blanc Street). The best memory I have, which probably determines a lot of the present events, is finding a plastic bag full of hundreds of little Lego pieces next to the garbage containers at number 10, Louis Blanc Street. I am treasure hunter!

My journey, my path… My school years were very nice, skipped classes, first love, first moped, etc. My rather difficult family life didn’t allow me to become a model child, first in my class and so on…

Once at the ESNPA (National Superior School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais) I found my path and I worked hard until I got my DPLG diploma in 2007. The school claimed to be experimental and it actually was! Indeed we became aware that Architecture is a discipline that borrows from other sciences, arts and crafts. I had the opportunity to work with visual artists, writers, sociologists, etc.

After I finished my studies I went back to Romania. I worked there for about three years at the Space Syntax consultancy firm. It was a very beautiful experience that familiarized me with contextual urbanism.

At the moment I am working on artistic projects that aim to communicate the dangers of ignorance and of “subculture.”Thus V.I.C. is the second project I have initiated and its objective is to gather around 2200 voices that remind us that our dignity and freedom are always threatened and that it is crucial to preserve them at all costs. Alexandru Noe Popovici

Thomas follows in the footsteps of his father, collecting objects with no immediate value


A collection of plastic bottle caps gathered in a pedestrian street in Cluj Napoca

All items are generally accurate real function, but the functionality "mental" without limits: all find their fantasies instead.
Jean Beaudrillard, The System of Objects.