The project

The history of the only revolutionary chair which calls for verticality and releases creativity!

We often like to complicate what is simple in essence. Let’s bring up countless references to philosophers, poets, fine artists, composers, from Marcel Duchamp to Nick Cave. After all V.I.C (Very Important Chair) is a simple item, a plain sculpture and it may seem illogical to complicate its existence too much. 

A little bit about the genesis of V.I.C.. It all happened when a worker from Simerom, the former factory of machine tools from Sibiu, (1921-#2009) wanted to sit down to have lunch and to rest between the two production cycles. Back then resting was not seen as something to appreciate. << Even during the holidays we were forced to work, but we were coming with food and spritzer and the machine tools were idling, and much damage was done>>. The workers, by creating some artifacts to comfort them for the lack of both spiritual and physical comfort, showed resilience and creativity in a political context of uniformity.

Maximilian Ciortan
{one of the 2200 workers fired}

The stools were thus designed to be easy to hide behind a pillar or cabinet in order to get unharmed from an unbelievable hide-and-seek game between the chair and the administrative body. This is how an army of chairs appeared at Simerom, each of them distinctive and improvised with accessible materials, ergonomic and full of revolutionary spirit.
These workers defeated the absurd rigidity of a regulation and managed to humanize an <<industrial>> time laps, sitting on <<the fetish chair>> to have a simple lunch, arranged on a simple metallic table covered only with the page of a newspaper.
Using the basic concept of "personalization", I will reproduce the only chair found at Simerom after the plant was close with as many collaborators as possible (artists, handicrafts, intellectuals) in 2200 copies. The chairs will be named Very Important Chairs, V.I.C. to evoke the resistance to industrial leveling- homogenization and lack of humanity.