Becoming Very Important

Finding a signature for V.I.C. was a true milestone

{The first  V.I.C. « Roots » by Alexandru Noë Popovici }The first V.I.C., <<Roots>>. The finishes are the only ones are done with great care. We live under capitalism, the economic system encourages us to perfection in order to be competitive. The shape of the original chair is subject to this enforced distortion that it takes in fun.
The seat is made of a single piece of oak processed on CNC (numerical control) and the food support of lacquered metal is handmade.
The ground plates changes their original shape from rectangular to triangular and square from a desire to loosen the interpretation of this gesture.

The V.I.C. Signiture

Finding a signature for V.I.C. was a true milestone.
Each V.I.C. is marked by an insertion of a material recovered from the former Simerom site in Sibiu. Thus "the memory of the place" is preserved. The material consists of layers applied year after year, waterproof paints for the roofs which come in plates.
Once they are cut in section, the composition of the layers of blue-blue, yellow-ocher causes a great visual pleasure. ”





Alexandru Noe Popovici: “How these chairs should be called?”

Maximilian Ciortan: “I don’t know, I don’t know... I don’t know... should I use my imagination??? should I...? should it be...? I don’t know, sir. I would compare them by shape, at least the top, with a chair from the Table of Silence.